Gilmore Girls: TV Show Books – by Various

Gilmore Girls: Like Mother, Like Daughter; I Love You, You Idiot; I Do, Don’t I?; The Other Side of Summer by various

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? More specifically, are you a Rory Gilmore fan? Then you will love these books! HOWEVER it is important to note that this series of four EXACTLY follows the television series, except it is exclusively told from Rory’s point of view.

Like Mother, Like Daughter covers the first half of season one. We meet the Gilmore Girls, experience Rory’s first days at Chilton and meet both Dean and Max.



I Love You, You Idiot continues where Like Mother, Like Daughter left off, completing the first season of the show ending with Rory and Dean’s reunion and Max’s daisy filled proposal to Lorelai.


I Do, Don’t I continues from the previous book, and covers the first half of season two where Lorelai decides not to marry Max.




And lastly, The Other Side of Summer follows the second half of season 2 including the introduction of Jess and Sookie’s wedding!


All four books are told exclusively from Rory’s perspective, which gives the reader a “deeper” look into her character. However, the books do not add anything to the story line that does not happen in the actual television show and for this reason, some readers might find the books boring and predictable. As a GG fan, I enjoyed reading these books, even though I knew what was coming. The story is told from a new perspective and I really enjoyed the more personal time with Rory’s character. However, I would have enjoyed a little “extra” content that focused on things happening outside the show.

Rating: 7.5/10

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