What Dogs Teach Us – by Glenn Dromgoole


What Dogs Teach Us: Life’s Lessons Learned From Our Best Friends by Glenn Dromgoole

Hardcover: 112 Pages

Publisher: Willow Creek Press (January 8, 1999)

ISBN-13: 978-1572232686

Synopsis: Charming full-color photographs and accompanying text reveal twelve important life lessons from our best friends.

* * *

This small pocketbook provokes a lot of emotions in his small pages. It is divided into different themed sections that help organize all the different lessons that dogs teach us. Each lesson is given with a companion picture of a dog teaching the lesson to what is presumed to be their owner. As a dog owner myself, I felt many of these lessons very relatable and left me thinking of a time when my dog exhibited the behaviour described in the book.

An example of a lesson that dogs teach us from the book: the lesson that dogs teach us to exercise every day. This lesson is accompanied by a picture of a dog holding out his leash in his mouth, looking to go for a walk! The lessons are really more in the pictures than in the words, as this is a visual heavy book, but it is very suiting as it is the pictures that really round out and complete the lessons.

This adorable book is perfect for all dog lovers – especially the ones that share a special bond with their pouches! Visual heavy, What Dogs Teach Us would make a great coffee table book or display book for environments with dogs or people who like them.

Rating: 8/10

* This book was received from Thomas Allen & Sons in exchange for an honest review *

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