Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout – by Jim Prime


Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout by Jim Prime

Hardcover: 260 pages

Publisher: Sports Publishing; Reissue edition (April 18 2017)

ISBN-13: 978-1683580157

Synopsis: From the club’s inception in the late ’70s to winning the division for the first time in the ’80s, Joe Carter’s epic home run, the two World Series titles in the early ’90s, the reign of Roy Halladay, Josh Donaldson’s MVP season, and everything in between, the Blue Jays have continued to build a storied history as one of baseball’s most exciting teams. In Tales from the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout, Jim Prime captures all of the best moments in Blue Jays history, from the most thrilling to the most humorous, and so much more. Stories of players and coaches from both on and off the field can be found here, including tales of All-Stars Dave Stieb and Carlos Delgado, Hall of Famers Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson, and Roberto Alomar, and many more memorable Blue Jays, past and present.

It’s all here, in the latest addition to the Tales From series, the perfect gift for any fan of the only current Major League Baseball team playing in Canada!

* * *

Filled with stories from past and present Blue Jays, this book is a great addition to any Baseball (more so, Toronto Blue Jays) fans’ bookshelf! It is important to note: the book is divided by player – not chronologically or event based – so it was a little different than I expected. I found this lead to getting a more player based history than a team based history.

The Toronto Blue Jays only have a 40 year history, so I think the other books in this book line up for teams with a longer history might be a little more interesting and complex. The real story for the Blue Jays is their back-to-back World Series titles in the early 90’s and the 2015 and 2016 seasons. Other than that, they lack strong “tales” that would really grab the reader’s attention, which was evident in this book. Nonetheless, I don’t think this will stop true Toronto Blue Jays fans from buying and enjoying this book!

I would have liked to see some quotes from a wider variety of people, but it is understandable that that is not always feasible or an easy task. The poor grammar and many errors could have been avoided with some more editing, which is a key reason I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a second edition soon – and maybe with a few more years of history the Jays will have another World Series run fill of dugout stories to add to this book!

Rating: 8/10

* I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Thomas Allen & Sons*

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