The Nuremberg Trial – by Ann Tusa and John Tusa


The Nuremberg Trial by Ann Tusa and John Tusa

Paperback: 512 pages

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (July 1 2010)

ISBN-13: 978-1616080211

Synopsis: Here is a gripping account of the major postwar trial of the Nazi hierarchy in World War II. The Nuremberg Trial brilliantly recreates the trial proceedings and offers a reasoned, often profound examination of the processes that created international law. From the whimpering of Kaltenbrunner and Ribbentrop on the stand to the icy coolness of Goering, each participant is vividly drawn. Includes twenty-four photographs of the key players as well as extensive references, sources, biographies, and an index.

* * *

Written by husband and wife team, Ann and John Tusa, this in depth and well researched account of the Nuremberg Trial is a must read for an history fan. The Nuremberg Trial was a history changing event that followed an even more history changing war. It set precedents for how future situations pertaining to genocide and mass murder would be handled. – This is what originally drew me to this book as I wanted to learn more about the Trial.

The caption on the back of the book reads: “This should be required reading for any lawyer or historian”. I couldn’t agree more. Tusa and Tusa’s attention to detail shines through this book helping to bring to life the events of the Nuremberg Trial in the reader’s mind. Every chapter is followed by a work cited list showing their in depth research in compiling and writing this book. I didn’t feel like I was reading a history book – but more that I was reading a story.

One thing to note: the chapter titles are just “chapter one”, “chapter two”, etc… I think having chapter names would have made the reading a little more enjoyable, giving the reading that peak into what is coming in the next chapter. Plus I think it would have made it easier to use the book as a reference guide for historian, lawyers and students with chapter titles. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed the book!

Rating: 9.5/10

* I received this book from Thomas Allen & Sons in exchange for an honest review*


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