Most Of All You – by Mia Sheridan

51U-3+ANndL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgMost Of All You by Mia Sheridan 

Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Forever (Oct. 17 2017)

ISBN-13: 978-1538727348

Synopsis: A broken woman . . .

Crystal learned long ago that love brings only pain. Feeling nothing at all is far better than being hurt again. She guards her wounded heart behind a hard exterior and carries within her a deep mistrust of men, who, in her experience, have only ever used and taken.

A man in need of help . . .

Then Gabriel Dalton walks into her life. Despite the terrible darkness of his past, there’s an undeniable goodness in him. And even though she knows the cost, Crystal finds herself drawn to Gabriel. His quiet strength is wearing down her defenses and his gentle patience is causing her to question everything she thought she knew.

Only love can mend a shattered heart . . .

Crystal and Gabriel never imagined that the world, which had stolen everything from them, would bring them a deep love like this. Except fate will only take them so far, and now the choice is theirs: Harden their hearts once again or find the courage to shed their painful pasts.

* * *

I am not even sure where to begin with this review… I was so excited to read this book, but… Something just fell flat. I felt like I was reading a rough outline more than a finished piece. Mia Sheridan tells the tragic stories of Ellie and Gabriel – both characters are entertaining and you can’t help but like them right away. Their backstories were so unique and not like every other character in a New Adult book that I was so excited at the beginning of the book to see where their stories took them…

But where did the story take them? I am not even sure. I kept waiting for the suspense, the draw, something to propel me forward and make the book one that I couldn’t put down… but it never came. I am not saying that this wasn’t a good book – it was… it just wasn’t a great book. The characters back stories was what held this book together and made me stick with it the entire way through.

One thing that was smart on the publishers side was not advertising the characters back story on the back synopsis. If I had read that I probably never would have picked up the book. WARNING: If you want to read the book, I suggest you stop reading now. If you are wondering what the characters back stories are, here they are: Ellie is a stripper with deep emotional issues to an early abandonment by her parents, Gabriel was abducted as a child and spent 6 years in captivity before escaping. Intriguing right?? Too bad the carryout of their story just fell short in my mind…

Rating: 7/10

* I received this book from HBG Canada in exchange for an honest review *

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