TARTE: In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette – Review

TARTE: In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette 

tarte 1.png

Tarte Cosmetics IN BLOOM eye shadow palette contains 9 different shades of both matte and shimmer shadows. I am a relatively new Tarte user – I came across Tarte in my local Sephora store and was drawn to the display because of the purple colour, but quickly fell in love with the natural and cruelty free products.

For starters this was my first eye shadow palette from Tarte. Previously I had tried there H2O face cream and their powder highlighter. When I saw the colours in this palette, I couldn’t resist.

The colours are HIGHLY pigmented; I am finding that I only have to swipe the brush in the colour one or two times before applying – if you do more swipes in the palette, BEWARE you will get HUGE colour payout!

tarte 3.png

The texture of this eye shadow palette is beautifully smooth! I believe this helps with application as it is such a smooth application. It doesn’t crease throughout the day and there is no fading (when used with a primer).

Right now I use a wide variety of brushes – different shapes and different makes, but not Tarte brushes. Based on my past experience with Tarte, I would love to try their brushes as I am sure they are AMAZING (and cruelty free, natural brushes!) but I am trying to pace some purchases – and as I said, I’d rather spend the money on the actual products than brushes right now.

What I really love about this palette is how the colours going horizontal are similar shades going from lighter to darker shades (and each horizontal row has one shimmer colour for that extra affect); this makes it easy to pair colours. Although I find myself using a mix of colours from across the palette now, when I first started using the palette and was getting to know the colours, this was a great tactic to help me learn the colours!

Overall, I LOVE this palette – I am so happy I purchased it! There is a colour for everything if you enjoy nude/neutral colours. I have 2-3 options for a base, 4-5 options for the crease, 5-6 options for the fill in and 3 shimmer fill options. What more can I ask for!?

The product does retail at $60, which is I would put in the medium to high price range, but I did purchase it with a coupon that helped me cut the price and justify trying it. Now that I know the product, I will never debate the price. It is a great shadow and my go-to for everyday wear.

Tarte products are available in Canada through Sephora (online and in-stores) as well as from www.tarte.com.


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