FABFITFUN: 2017/2018 Winter Editors Box – Review


Attention all beauty/makeup/cosmetic addicts!!!


I ordered my very first FabFitFun box earlier this year – getting the Winter Editors Box. Someone please tell me why I didn’t subscribe sooner?! I am completely addicted already and I’ve only received one box so far.

Originally I was concerned that I would receive a box with a bunch of things that I would never use – but I was so wrong. There were things included that I would have never bought on my own before, but now that I have received them in my FabFitFun box, I will be rebuying for sure!

A little background on FabFitFun: It is a subscription service, where you receive quarterly boxes in the mail containing over $200 worth of fitness, lifestyle and makeup products. In every box there are always a few items that are “this or that” style – before receiving your box you can go into your account and pick which items you want.

So now for the juicy stuff… WHAT WAS IN MY BOX!!

  1. Way of Will: Muscle Soak Bath Salts


  • This muscle soak smells AMAZING! I plan to use it for my at home pedicures as I get really sore feet from running everyday…
  1. Real Her Eye Shadow Palette: Do Your Squats


  • This stunning palette comes with 9 different nude/smoky shades. They are highly pigmented and there is a wide range of colours in the palette – both matte and shimmer – so I can create tons of different looks from the one palette.
  1. Make Up Drop Silicone Applicator


  • I have always wanted to try a silicone applicator for my foundation over the beauty blender that I currently use. Wow! This product works just as well, if not better, and it wastes ZERO make up! So glad I got to try this item – I will definitely be purchasing more.
  1. Whish Nourishing Dew Mask


  • OMG! This I love – an amazing nourishing mask that has now become a staple in my skincare routine. The best part is: it is an easy to use mask with minimal to no mess after!
  1. Summer & Rose: Rose Gold Threader Earrings


  • This was one of the “this or that” items; I could have selected a necklace or earrings, but I went for the earrings. They are adorable and so chic. They can be worn as a fancy accessory, or just with everyday wear.
  1. BB Dakota Poncho (Black)


  • Another “this or that” item; I could have selected the poncho or scarf, but went with the poncho. I wore this the day I received the box and got so many compliments. It can be worn causally or to dress up an outfit and it is so soft and cuddly!
  1. African Botanicals Revitalizing Therapy Gel


  • The last selection item; I could have selected a gym bag of this therapy gel and as I have SO many gym bags, I went with the gel. After an intense workout the other day, I used this gel on my calves and noticed an instant relief of the tension. Infused with arnica and devils claw, this product is one of my favourite in the box!

And lastly…

  1. Spongelle Body Buffer


  • This one item made the entire box worth it for me. I have already reordered online. This body buffer is similar to a lufa, but more dense as it is infused with soap. Just add water and start scrubbing. It feels amazing on the skin and smells even better. The scent included in the box if Bulgarian Rose – I am not even going to bother trying other scents because this one is just AMAZING!

These products are all FULL SIZE products.

What are you waiting for – sign up NOW for FabFitFun and receive the spring box. Included in my box was a referral code for a friend. Please message me on my contact page if you want the code for $10 off your first box. First come, first served!

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