Bio-Beauté by NUXE Eye Cream – Review

Bio-Beauté by NUXE Eye Cream


Last September, I had laser eye surgery (yay! No glasses!!) and have since noticed a drastic aging of my eyes, which the doctors say it due to the dryness that my eyes are experiencing and should go away. However, the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes has been driving me crazy! So I went looking for a natural cream to help awaken and hydrate my eyes.

I came across Bio-Beauté by NUXE eye cream at my local Shoppers Drug Mart and was immediately interested. Infused with clementine and all natural, the cream works to reduce puffiness and hydrate the skin. I have been using the cream for just over 3 months now and have seen a small improvement in the dark circles, but no improvement in the puffiness, but the skin around my eyes does feel more hydrated.

When I started out the cream smelled nice, but it has since started to take on that stale makeup smell, even though the packaging says it has a 6 month life span. This kind of bothered me

One thing I really like is the texture of the eye cream; it is really smooth and easy to apply. It can be used both AM and PM, however, I found it didn’t sit very well under my makeup, so I started to only use it in the PM.

Overall, this is a nice eye cream with a reasonable price ($25.00 CAD). I would purchase again, but not before exploring other options that are on the market.

Do you have a good suggestion for an eye cream that helps with dark circles and puffiness?? Please comment below!!!

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