SMASHBOX Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder – Review

Smashbox: Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder 


Shade: Fair/Light

Every girls nightmare: when you favourite cosmetic product is discontinued! This was the disaster I was left to deal with late last year as the 5 year stock I had bought of my discontinued Lancôme powder foundation finally ran out (the Ageless Mineral). I was left to search for a new powder foundation, even though I already had a product that I LOVED :(… It was a difficult time…

I researched and went to Sephora more times than I can count, and finally settled on the Smashbox Halo  Loose Powder Foundation. There are two big reasons that set this product above the competitors I was looking at: the packaging and the fact that I was able to find the EXACT same shade as my previous powder foundation.

I have been using the foundation for about 3 months now and I have to say I am really enjoying it. The Halo Powder Foundation comes in a container with a screw dispenser – by turning the top, powder is dispensed ensuring that you only dispense enough for that one use and preventing a huge mess from occurring. The process of dispensing the foundation also grinds it up even more making it really fine.

As I mentioned, I was about to find the PERFECT colour for me (Fair/Light) as they have a wide selection of shades. I am very pale with a neutral/cold undertone and this foundation does a great job of evening my skin tone as well as covering any imperfections.

It is fairly hydrating and I don’t find that the foundation dries out my skin. However, it is a fairly light coverage, and sometimes I find that there is that oily shine coming through by about half way through the day. Due to the light coverage of the foundation, I wear a liquid foundation underneath that is about a medium coverage to help support the Halo Powder Foundation.

This product is fairly pricey at $58, but the Smashbox website always has great promotions! So once you know your shade, it is a great place to go for repeat orders (I always like to make my first purchase at Sephora as I know if there is anything wrong or I don’t like the product, they will take it back!).

Overall, I really like this product. I would definitely purchase again, but I think I will explore some other options before I make that final decision. I have been looking at the Tarte Amazonian clay airbrush foundation and the Bare Minerals Original Loose Powder foundation. Any comment/experience to share? Please comment below!!!

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