Can’t Help Myself – by Meredith Goldstein


Can’t Help Myself by Meredith Goldstein

Hardcover: 272 pages

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (April 3 2018)

ISBN-13: 978-1455543779

Synopsis: Every day, Boston Globe advice columnist Meredith Goldstein takes on the relationship problems of thousands of dedicated readers. They look to her for wisdom on all matters of the heart- how to cope with dating fatigue and infidelity, work romances, tired marriages, true love, and true loss. In her column, she has it all figured out, but in her real life she is a lot less certain. Whether it’s her own reservations about the traditional path of marriage and family, her difficulty finding someone she truly connects with, or the evolution of her friendships as her friends start to have their own families, Meredith finds herself looking for insight, just like her readers. As she searches for responses to their concerns, she’s surprised to discover answers to her own. But it’s after her mother is diagnosed with cancer that she truly realizes how special her Love Letters community is, how this column has enriched her life as much, if not more than, it has for its readers.

CAN’T HELP MYSELF is the extraordinary (and often hilarious) story of a single woman navigating her mercurial love life, and a moving and poignant portrait of an amazing community of big-hearted, love-seeking allies.

* * *


CAN’T HELP MYSELF by Meredith Goldstein is Goldstein’s personal memoir that she tells through letters and stories… I feel I should start by introducing Goldstein herself – she is the author of the Boston Globe’s column called Love Letters, where her readers send in love questions for her to answer.

I only recently started reading this column after stumbling across one on the internet. I was immediately drawn into Goldstein’s unique and witty voice – something that carried through to her book. CAN’T HELP MYSELF was laugh out loud funny and a heartfelt memoir about Goldstein’s life and how the things she has lived through have changed and shaped her.
Goldstein’s voice is so real, you feel like she is actually talking to you. Her stories of her life are relatable for anyone reading and there are things to learn from her life that everyone can take away from the book. I usually find it takes me a while to read memoirs like this, as there isn’t a “pull” that creates that ” I can’t put this book down” feeling – but with CAN’T HELP MYSELF, I found myself excited to read just to hear Goldstein’s next story, and subsequent lesson.
This is a great read for every women and fully relatable and enjoyable for all!
Rating: 9/10
* I received this book in exchange for an honest review from HBG Canada*

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