Run Away With Me – by Mila Gray


Run Away With Me by Mila Gray 

Paperback: 368 pages

Publisher: Simon Pulse; Reprint edition (Nov. 6 2018) 

ISBN-13: 978-1481490979

Synopsis: Emerson Lowe and popular ice-hockey player Jake McCallister have been best friends since third grade but as their friendship starts to morph into something more, a terrible event occurs that heralds the end of innocence for both of them.

Within a week, Jake’s living on the other side of the country and Emerson is left alone to pick up the pieces of her life in a small town determined to paint her as a liar.

Seven years later, Emerson is still living on the beautiful Pacific West island of Bainbridge, helping run her family’s business. The last thing she needs is Jake turning up, bringing with him old memories and opening up old wounds. But Jake—even better looking than Emerson remembers—seems determined to revive their friendship no matter how much Emerson tries to push him away.

Forced to work alongside him for the summer Emerson can’t help but fall for Jake, and soon they’re in the midst of a passionate romance that neither of them wants to end.

But both Emerson and Jake know that if they’re to have any kind of future they must first confront the past—a past that most people want to stay buried.

* * *

Fan of K.A. Tucker’s UNTIL IT FADES will flock to this book about a up and coming hockey star and the past he left behind. He return to his home town one summer, and the girl he left behind, to find that things are nothing like they were 7 years ago when he left, but he is determined to get things back to how they used to be, including reconnecting with his best friend and crush.

RUN AWAY WITH ME is heartfelt and a really enjoyable read. I am always a sucker for stories with hockey players so picking up this book it was a no brainer that I would read it. The characters were relatable and loveable and came to life in my mind. Both Jake and Emerson are unique characters that I will remember and won’t blend in with other characters from books I have read. Their friendship is probably the thing that brings them most to life as it is so real!

The story line keeps the reader going as it explores the present, while also revealing snippets from the past every few chapters. I loved the setting – small town like settings are always my favourite, so I guess I am biased here.

Mila Gray’s books are always enjoyable and fun reads, but this one is probably my favourite of hers so far! However, the ending left me wanting more – I was not ready for the story to end and I didn’t feel like I got the full amount of closure I would have liked.

Rating: 9/10

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