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Hi blogger world! Welcome to my book blog. I am really exciting to be starting this blog after talking about starting a blog for so long. Here is a little bit about me: I am a freelance writer and a communicator. I usually read a book a week and I love to share my thoughts on the books I read.

For the most part the books I review are YA, New Adult, and Adult fiction books. I try not to include many spoilers (I HATE spoilers!) in my reviews, but instead include my thoughts on the book and how it affected (or didn’t affect) me as a reader. These reviews are meant for people who have not read the book yet, but are thinking about reading the book/looking for a book to read in general. As well, at the end of my review, I will include an overall rating for the book, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest rating. I also post my reviews to Amazon and Goodreads.

I will review all hard copy books that are sent to me – including ARCs and self-published books! To ensure a review, you can send me a message using the contact box (below) beforehand to discuss the book, and to receive the address in which to send the book to. For more information about my review policy, please read below.

Review Policy

I will review most, if not all, types/genres of books by all authors. And I make sure to review ALL the books that I receive.


  • YA Fiction
  • YA Non-Fiction,
  • New Adult Fiction
  • Adult Fiction
  • Adult Non-Fiction (Mostly Historical)

*I DO accept books that are self-published*

Preferred Formats:

  • Finished Copies
  • ARCs
  • Drafts
  • Review Copies

Reviews: All my reviews are completely honest and are my opinion and mine alone.

If you have any questions or want to submit a book for review, please fill out the form below.